Management Services

LMS takes care of the full management of your vessel: budgets, logistics, insurance and maritime regulations.


  • Treasury Management
  • Accountancy
  • VAT declarations
  • Budget reporting

The central office takes care of the accounting and VAT reporting. Budget reports are prepared “to measure” in a way that best suits you as owner and/or captain.


  • P&I
  • Hull & Machinery
  • Owner’s insurance

Being able to accommodate guests, enjoying the fun of water sports, and exploring new areas at sea without a worry are some of the highlights of owning a yacht. As important as your enjoyment is to cover all risks involved. Equally it is important to avoid over insuring.

LMS can assist with all aspects of the insurance process to provide you with the requisite coverage.

Legal and advisory

  • Support with mortgages
  • Flag optimisation
  • Ownership
  • Secretary services

The management of your ownership structure is a delicate matter. Often thousands of miles apart, or in different time zones, the yacht’s daily operations and the legal obligations of the ownership structure are literally different worlds.

Enjoy your time on board, or optimizing your chartering activities, while we take care of all legal and administrative obligations.

Our legal R&D provides you with the optimised choice of flag state, determined by your operational profile. The right flag can make a substantial difference, and too often people act on habit and unfounded recommendations. Our efficient flag optimisation service will ensure the choices are clear, understandable and yours to make.


LMS manages a wide selection of Super Yachts on behalf of some of our top-tier clients.

From 20 Metres and upwards we will be happy to discuss your requirements to ensure that all of your practical needs are met, enabling you to concentrate on the most important task; enjoying your yacht. View our vessels by clicking the link below.

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LMS is driven by a passion for yachting and a commitment to delivering unseen levels of value and service. We stand apart because the management of yachts is our principal activity, rather than a means to an end.


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